Rancho Soquel is coming soon!

Growing food to its fullest potential.

Closer-to-nature farming in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

At Rancho Soquel, farming is rooted in strong values.


We work in partnership with the land, not against it. Healthy food and healthy ecosystems go hand-in-hand.


Trust is at our core. No proprietary secrets here. We share everything we do (and why we do it) with you: our customers and community.


Quality food doesn’t just look and taste good, it does good—for your body and the earth. We’re discovering brand new ways to measure premium-quality food.

Our Mission

Rancho Soquel is a CCOF  Certified Organic farm that began as a vision to get as close as possible to the food we eat and feed our families. We strive to grow the best, most nutrient-dense food and do it with full transparency and integrity.

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How We Grow

Our focus: long-term health of this land. That means investing in soil remineralization, welcoming pollinators, and growing with zero pesticides.

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The Farm

Nestled in the hills above Santa Cruz County, among hundreds of fruit trees, we’re growing food the way nature intended

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Coming Soon

Rancho Soquel is currently closed to the public while we're under construction. We look forward to welcoming you when the farm is open.

1317 Soquel San Jose Road, Soquel, CA