Every farm is a story. Ours is just beginning.

Just like building a healthy lifestyle takes time and devotion, so does building a vibrant farm. As we continue to settle the roots of Rancho Soquel through 2020, there will be endless discoveries, successes, and learnings. Year one is a time of exploration.

You are what your food eats.

Centuries of modern farming have manipulated the plants we eat into barely recognizable versions of what they once were: naturally nourishing gifts from the earth. Westernized industrial farming chose massive yields and blemish-free fruits over the long-term health of crops and soil. As a result, the plants we eat aren’t nearly as nourishing for our bodies as they once were. At Rancho Soquel, we want to change that.

A healing journey for our community.

Rancho Soquel founder, Avi Benaroya, experienced first-hand the depleting effects of a lifestyle packed with stress, low-quality food, and a life disconnected from the earth’s abundance. After discovering healing practices like yoga and mindfulness, Avi dug deeper. What he realized: wellness starts not just with what we put into our bodies, but what gets put into that food. Avi then founded Tend, a farm management software that was built to help all small-scale farmers grow quality food and run successful farming businesses.


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