Restoring the vibrant potential of the food we eat—and the land that gives it life.


Rancho Soquel is a CCOF Organic Certified farm on 119 acres, tucked into the Santa Cruz Mountains. Purchased in 2017, we’ve been reviving the soil, learning the land’s patterns, and planning an oasis for happy pollinators and crops.

We’ve planted hundreds of fruit trees and acres of cover crop to nourish this land in preparation for our first season. Heavy mulching in perennial zones is encouraging stable, fungal-dominated soil around our fields, naturally increasing organic matter.


Reverence for nature.

Working intimately with the natural rhythm of the land guides our every decision. While modern farming’s aim is to control the land, we’re committed to a long-lasting partnership with nature.

Unrelenting transparency.

We share everything we do (and why we do it) with our customers and community. No proprietary secrets here. We don’t simply want you to trust us with the food you put in your body, we want to earn that trust.  

Redefining quality food.

How do we define quality? Can it be measured? We believe quality food is nutrient-dense, bio-available, and supportive of healthy land.