We are committed to:

  • Respecting, listening to, and working intimately with nature.
  • Prioritizing soil remineralization.
  • Nurturing diverse soil microbe populations.
  • Supporting pollinators and biodiversity.

Restoring what we take from the earth.

Despite the best intentions of organic and other modern methods, farming as we know it unavoidably strips the Earth’s natural resources. Season after season, farming depletes nutrients, kills the soil’s microbiome, and wrecks soil structure.

Listening to the land.

Our way of farming is all about keen observation. It’s closely tied to living a mindful life. Noticing subtle changes in a leaf’s color, observing insect and animal patterns, paying close attention to how one apple tree’s fruit has a different taste and texture than the one right next to it.

Combining traditional practices with cutting-edge technology.

What does “close-to-the earth” farming really mean? Some people call it "beyond organic," some might call our methods as traditional. To be honest, we’re not as interested in labeling it as we are in practicing it.

Rancho Soquel uses Tend, a first-of-its-kind technology that tracks and projects yield, maps field layouts, creates detailed crop plans, and helps farms analyze each season’s success. 

Still curious? Get into the nitty-gritty of our farming methods.